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 Afraid of Yourself

Falling in Love With God

The Glorious Gospel

Heart Judgment

If I No Longer Live ...

Overcoming Anxiety

Preparing for the Storms of Life


Resolving Conflicts

Schemes of the Devil

Too Hurt to Love Others?

TV Dangers

What Am I

The Wonderful Blood of Jesus



Beyond Obedience

Boot Camp for Eliminating Sass

Child Run Home

Contract of Godliness for Teens

One Danger of Modern Dating

Another Danger of Modern Dating

Four Seasons of Child Training

The Goal of Child Training

Guidelines for Career Decisions

How We Accidentally Teach Our Children To Disobey Us

How Dr. Spock is Destroying America

Importance of Teaching Children Self Control

Justifications for Divorce?

Learning to Make Wise Choices

Maker of the Home Lyrics

Mysteries of Motherhood


Overview of Rearing Children

Preparing Your Sons and Daughters to Respond to Aggressive Flirting

Preserving Purity

Purpose of Marriage

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Reconciling with a Hardened Wife

Sample Application for Courtship

Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling

The Three Elements of Maturity

Tough Love

Two Obstacles to Successful Parenting




Love Letter to My Wife of 32 Years

Valentine to My Wife

Interview with Reb

The Story of Reb (from Born Liberal, Raised Right)




This is a game I created for my family. There are no winners or losers -- just Dad with a stack of cards, each printed with a question. Any time of day when the family is gathered, Dad might reach into his pocket, pull out a card, and ask a question of each family member. It’s amazing what our children reveal about themselves and their values when asked provocative questions. The goal is not to test Bible knowledge or manipulate the children into saying what they think you want to hear. The goal of the questions is just for you to get to know your children for who they are. Their answers to non-spiritual sounding questions can reveal a lot about them and their actual values. Click on the link and it will take you to a PDF, which you can print out and cut into cards. You can even think up additional questions and create your own. All I ask is that you send me your additional questions, so I can add them to the card sheets. You can find the cards by clicking on the following link:



Causes of Persecution

Compassionate Gossip


Identifying Exclusivism in a Group or Leader  

The Musical Worship of God

(Articles written for Hope Chapel, the church Reb planted and pastored for 18 years)

Our Vision 

Our Ministries

Our Philosophy of Age Integration

Our Philosophy of Youth Ministry  



Our Philosophy of Children's Ministries

Our Understanding of Masculine & Feminine Roles in Ministry 

Why Elder Rule?

Our Understanding of Church Discipline


Are You Afraid of the 2008 Election Results?

Christianizing Secular Customs
Halloween, Christmas, & Easter

Celebrating Christian Independence Day

Counterproductive Love

How Dr. Spock is Destroying America



Finally, the Ultimate Answer to 'What's happened to America?

A Biblical Response to the 911 Terrorist Attacks

America has Never Been a Christian Nation


GOSPEL TRACTS (Under Construction)

What the World Needs Now is Love

Why I Believe in a Personal God





Papa Roach



Guns and Roses


Lynyrd Skynyrd

Always more to come ...  

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