Mysteries of Motherhood
by Reb Bradley


Mother's hearing

She does not hear the car alarm, the neighbor's music, or the noise of playing children,

But from the other end of the house, in the middle of the night, she will hear a child's slightest whimper


Mother's mind

She may not comprehend how to use the VCR or the computer,

But she understands a child's heart whenever it hurts.


Mother's strength

She may be too weak and exhausted to carry groceries in from the car,

But she is strong enough to intimidate any who threaten her children.


Mother's memory

She may not remember where she put her keys or the reason she walked into a room,

But she never forgets the wonderful things her children do and say.


Mother's clothes

Her clothes aren't so perfect they're stained by baby's burps and last month's lasagna,

But each stain is a badge of love and service equal to any won by a soldier.


Mother's hands

All she sees are the lines and wrinkles in her hands, and longs for their youthful appearance,

But she forgets their wear speaks of love, devotion, and sacrifice.


Mother's shape

She sighs and moans when she cannot fit into the clothes of her youth,

But her shape and stretch marks are like battle scars which say, "Kids, you were worth it!"


Mother's eyes

The mirror tells her that her eyes lack sparkle,

But the bags and fatigue betray love that burns bright all night long.


Mother's career

She is haunted sometimes by what she could have been,

But she equips generations and shapes the world's future.


Mother's trust

She doesn't trust enough to let you near the strange dog or to climb to the tip top branch,

But she believes in you when you are discouraged and full of self doubt.


Mother's significance

She regrets her failures, mourns her anger, and dreads she is warping her children's psyches,

But she so tightly bonds her children to her heart that they will grow up, but not away.