Unraveling the Mysteries of the Female Mind

Raising Respectful Children (ver.2011)

Parenting Teens with the Wisdom of Solomon (workshop)

Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling (ver.2009)

Gaining Our Children's Hearts

Balancing Love, Discipline, & Rewards

Understanding the Heart of Your Wife

Creating a Strong Family Identity

The Delightful Family (DVD version)

Establishing Parental Control in the Home

The Power of a Strong Family (DVD version)

Raising Children as Warriors for Christ

Fathers: Saving the Next Generation

Reading the Mind of Your Homeschool Wife

Overcoming the Myths of Modern Adolescence 

Becoming a WARRIOR (not a Wimp) for Christ

Peace for the "Stressed Out" Home School Mom

Giving Your Children a Vision for Courtship

Avoiding the Home School "Cult" Mentality

When Family Becomes an Idol



Keeper of the Home

Teaching Your Children to Love One Another

Loving and Teaching the Difficult Child

Becoming Your Husband's Helpmate

Overcoming the Distractions of Motherhood

God's Remedy for Weariness

Woman of God: Controller or Servant?

Simplifying Your Life

Recognizing the Pearls in Your life



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