Lyrics by Tremonti/Stapp
Music (Adm. by Dwight Frye Music, Inc.) /
Dwight Frye Music, Inc. (BMI)


A court is in session, a verdict is in

No appeal on the docket today

Just my own sin

The walls are cold and pale

The cage made of steel

Screams fill the room

Alone I drop and kneel

Silence now the sound

My breath the only motion around

Demons cluttering around


My face showing no emotion

Shackled by my sentence

Expecting no return

Here there is no penance

My skin begins to burn

So I held my head up high

Hiding hate that burns inside

Which only fuels their selfish pride

We're all held captive

Out from the sun



A sun that shines on only some

We the meek are all in one

I hear a thunder in the distance

See a vision of a cross

I feel the pain that was given

On that sad day of loss

A lion roars in the darkness

Only he holds the key


A light to free me from my burden

And grant me life eternally

Should have been dead

On a Sunday morning

Banging my head

No time for mourning


Ain't got no time

So I held my head up high

Hiding hate that burns inside

Which only fuels their selfish pride

We're all held captive

Out from the sun

A sun that shines on only some

We the meek are all in one

I cry out to God

Seeking only his decision

Gabriel stands and confirms

I've created my own prison


                       is one of the hottest groups around!  In musical style, nobody does it quite like them! When it comes to lyrics – they're  always deep, always provocative, always asking a lot of the right questions. They put into words just how you feel.  Maybe you've noticed, when you feel trapped by life, they say it just right!


Is their music real to you?   Have you ever felt like you were in your own prison ? Like you were in a cage made of steel?  Have you ever felt like you couldn’t do what you wanted to do – but were trapped by someone or something?


What is this prison we get ourselves into?  Is it a person who dominates us?  Is it Mortal Combat II or some other brain-sucking video thing?  What’s in charge of your life -- is it dope, booze, sex, mayhem, music, money, partyin', cruisin', or playin' with our latest toy? 


Unless we’re free from everything’s control, somethin’ is in charge of us.  We all feel like we’re free to do what we want, but when we can’t stop doing some  thing we do, we know it’s in charge of us. We’re all held captive.  What’s your prison – is it anger ?


Some of us get off on anger -- it makes us feel powerful!  But we don’t rule it – it rules us, and leaves us bitter and cynical after a while, too. It leaves us with the hate that burns inside..


When people have ticked us off or things didn’t go our way, it was our right to be ticked, or was it?  We were mocked by our lover,  dumped on by our parents, shafted by a friend, or insulted by an arrogant religious nut that had the audacity to tell us we were "wrong."  And if it's not people that get under our skin, it's the things that go wrong that can get to us! Ever have one of those decades?


Experts say that anger is at the root of most emotional trouble.  Anger is usually focused in one of 3 directions:  We are mad at people, at God, or at ourselves.  Plenty of us know we are ticked at people for what they do to us. Lots know they are up-tight with God for the troubles he allows in their lives or for what he "unfairly" demands of them, but few admit to being angry with themselves.


A lot of our raging around, blowing up at people, is because we can't stand US. There's a word for this kind of self-anger -- it's called "guilt." We are mad at ourselves, because we feel guilty about our lives. It's easier to blame others for our failures than it is for us to face our guilt. Some people reading this right now are already getting MAD . . . for the very reason just mentioned -- they can't stand to take responsibility for themselves. Everything wrong in their life is always someone else's fault. Is that YOU, or are you able to admit your guilt feelings?


Why are we afraid to face ourselves?   What do we have to feel guilty about?  Is there some cosmic law we have violated that leaves us feeling guilty and angry?  There sure is !


Now here's the part of this article that so many are afraid of. If you're not too chicken to find out a little about yourself, then keep on reading.


The reason that each of us feels guilt is because we've violated God's laws and we've been busted by our own conscience. Thousands of years ago God gave mankind his rules for life, which he wrote in our hearts. As our creator he had full rights to command that we love HIM above all else. His name, he declared,  we are not to use as a swear word. He said we must never lie, we must never take anything that isn't ours, we must honor our parents, we must have sex only with our husband or wife, and we mustn't hate anyone, for that is murder. It's because we have broken God's laws that we are so up-tight!


It's this up-tight, guilty feeling that gives us the anger that we try to satisfy with all our running around. But running around doesn't work!  To get rid of the anger we've got to get rid of the GUILT!  So how do we get rid of our guilt feelings?  There are a couple of ways.


Way #1 to conquer self-anger:  When you know you've broken a law,  you can appease your conscience by turning yourself in and suffering the consequences for your actions. We stop feeling guilty when we pay off our debt to society.  When the judge, however, is a perfectly holy God whose sentence for all violations is the death penalty and an eternity in Hell, that option isn't too appealing.


Way #2 to conquer self-anger (and avoid suffering in Hell for breaking God's laws):  Let someone else pay our debt.


That's slick, but how can anyone suffer death for us? 


Well, even though He is a holy Judge who demands perfect obedience, God is also loving, so he made payment on our debt Himself. Either we stay miserable now and pay for it when we die, or we can accept His payment.


God made payment 2000 years ago by sending his son Jesus to die in the place of sinners.  Someone had to die. It was either Him or you. If you don't admit your sinfulness, then you exempt yourself from God's payment for sin, you will continue to live trapped by self-anger,  and will have to die and suffer eternally in Hell to pay for your sins.


Does getting free from guilt and self-anger appeal to you? Do you want to get free from the things that enslave you?  YOU CAN! But you must face yourself honestly and quit lying to yourself!  For God to set you free from the power of evil, and give to you eternal life, you must confess to God that you have blown it and are deserving of hellfire. He will give you NO help if you remain proud and angry.


Where's your head today?  Do you see your life as separated from God?  Do you want to be free from the power of evil and to get on God's side?


God does not intend that we live in the misery we have brought upon ourselves. He offers freedom to all those who come humbly to Him. Do you see a vision of the cross? Will you come to Him today and trust Christ and his death for you? 


Don't let this moment slip away without having taken God up on His offer of peace in your heart and eternal life with Him. God's written the last chapter already. Judgment Day has been scheduled. Be part of His victory!


If you believe in Jesus, cry out now to God! Admit that you are a sinner, undeserving of His mercy. Ask Him for forgiveness, be willing to change your sinful lifestyle, and turn your life over to Him. If you want to know more, contact us at (916) 967-HOPE.