Why I believe in a personal God

     When I look at the universe I see order and balance. Everything from the structure and power of the atom to the beauty of sex speaks of intelligence and design. To believe that such consistent perfection happened by chance requires faith that I do not have. In fact, to me, such an idea flies in the face of rational thinking. It would be like believing one could throw plastic, glass, and metal scraps into a box and shake it around to produce a computer.  Shear silliness.

     When I look at the finely-tuned universe I see brilliant planning and power. When I look at humans I see intelligence and personality – evidence not of an impersonal force, but a creator having the same. I conclude that if there is an intelligent, powerful, creator with personality, then this Being must be knowable. And it seems reasonable to me that a Creator who endows his creatures with intelligence and such deep emotions would desire for them to have relationship with him. 

     Since I see no visible Creator in the midst of creation, I conclude he desires us to go in search of him. I then must decide how he has revealed himself to his world. 

     After researching testimonies of those who claim to represent their Creator I conclude that one stands out among all the rest. None even comes close to the claims or the credibility of this one. Two thousand years ago he walked the earth, turned things upside down, and the world hasn’t been the same since. This one of whom I speak is Jesus of Nazareth.

     Any who want to know their Creator owe it to themselves to research the man called Jesus. To find out more, read the Bible. If you want to talk, give me a call Monday – Thursday, 9-5, at 967-4673.

Reb Bradley