Dangers of Television

It provides great temptation to sin

It robs children of their innocence

It desensitizes

It mesmerizes and feeds the subconscious

It corrupts our values

It creates perceived needs

It creates godless heroes

It makes the viewer partners to sin

It gives instruction on bad behavior

It promotes godless problem solving

It creates a false view of reality

It fuels the imagination with negative images

It teaches a "no consequence" lifestyle

It breeds unreal fear

It promotes mistrust and cynicism

It feeds self-centeredness and self-indulgence

It breeds intolerance of deprivation and moderation

It destroys the attention span

It creates learning disabilities

It creates an appetite for entertainment

It destroys creativity

It hinders the reasoning process

It creates artificially induced stress

It promotes violent behavior

It breaks down interpersonal communication

It desensationalizes miracles

It feeds the desire for supernatural and occult power

It can be habit-forming

It is addictive in nature

It is damaging to our physical health

It offers escape from reality and responsibility

It is a waste of time