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My Dear Wife of 32 Years,


As youíve gotten older I have noticed that you sigh more when you stand in front of the mirror. From the other room I can hear you quietly moaning about the age spots on your hands, the lines around your eyes, and the loss of your youthful form.


My dear, sweet wife -- you must understand this -- the problem is NOT that your body is aging. The problem is that you are looking in the wrong mirror. The mirror in which youíve been looking, lies!


You must look at ME -- I am your mirror! The smile on my face and the light in my eyes -- that is the mirror you can trust.


When I see your hands I donít see old, worn hands. I see only beauty! Your hands have served your family for many years. The lines reveal sacrificial love, care, and devotion. What you call blemishes are what make your hands most beautiful. Your aging hands are nothing to grieve over -- they are trophies that you carry with you. They are proof of your success. That is why they draw my kisses far more than they did 30 years ago -- back when the mirror lied and told you that their lack of experience made them beautiful.


You despise the lines on your face, but you have lived many years and endured many hardships to achieve them. They are like the prize you receive for completing a marathon. You think the wrinkles around your eyes are not attractive, but I find them most beautiful, because they reveal that you have walked a difficult path for others. Care of a family requires hard labor and many sleepless nights -- it takes a toll on the human body. Besides, when you smile, your entire face now lifts with animation -- it becomes radiant with glory! It lacked that asset when you were young.


I notice that you sometimes avoid a full-length mirror, because you are afraid of what it will say about your shape. You remember how you looked when we were first married and the mirror told you that your trim, feminine form was what made you beautiful. It lied! Your body was yet untested in love and devotion. With each child you bore, you sacrificed part of yourself and your shape changed. You believe the lie that stretch marks and weight gain make you less attractive. I tell you, Sweet Wife, you are looking in the wrong mirror! Just as the scars of a dragon-slaying knight speak of his bravery and valor, your body changes tell of your dedication and sacrificial love. Those changes that you believe make you unattractive are the very things that make you beautiful! I kiss them for what they reveal about you.


Look at me as your mirror. Look and see the eyes and smile of a man who is attracted to you for who you are, no matter how you age or how your appearance changes. In fact, even if you had a tragic accident and suffered disfigurement, you would not lose a glint of your glory. No burn, no amputation, no scars could change the beauty of your heart. Just as any place that God walked would be hallowed ground, simply because He was there -- so also, the body you inhabit is glorious, just because you are in it. Your greatest beauty is your heart.


So look into my eyes and see the mirror that reflects who you really are.





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