Our Ministries and Outreaches . . .

1. Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 am - ?

Sunday morning is the one time each week we gather to worship as a church family. Nursery care is provided for children 0-2 during the entire service and an optional Children's Church is provided for 3-8 year olds during the sermon. Because of the spontaneous nature of our mid-service Sharing Time our service length is unpredictable -- we do usually conclude around noon.

2. Midweek Home Groups

These are times to get to know and care for one another as we study God's Word and pray for each other. Check the flier for the group nearest you.

3. Love Feasts - in the tradition of the early church

The first Sunday of each month, we gather together after the morning meeting for a time of communion and a family potluck or picnic.

4. Men's Ministries

The men of Hope meet monthly for breakfast and an important time of cultivating the vision for leadership which has been lost over the last century. Also for men is Ironworks -- a program which weekly brings men together one-on-one for friendship and accountability.

5. Barnraisings - like the barnraisings of yesteryear

Several times a year we gather together to help out one of our church families with some project around their home, ie: house painting, landscaping, construction, etc. Everyone pitches in, the results are encouraging to those receiving the blessing and we all have a great time.

6. Crisis Prayer Chain

As a family of Christians, we have committed ourselves to pray for all who express needs. When you have a need, be sure to call one of the prayer chain team leaders listed on the back of the bulletin.

7. Outreach Evangelism

With a desire to reach the world for Christ, we witness for Him not only in our daily lives, but also through organized efforts on the streets, in parks, and at local rock music concerts.

8. Crisis Pregnancy Outreach

With the annual abortion rate exceeding 1.5 million in this country, we have committed ourselves to reaching out to women in crisis pregnancies. We gather monthly to pray for them and for the lives of their unborn children, and to offer help with housing, counseling, or adoption referrals.

9. Biblical Counseling

Some who turn to Christ, come with emotional scars from the past -- though sincere in their faith, they bring along with them difficulties in communication and intimacy. Other believers simply find themselves overwhelmed by life's difficulties from time to time. Looking to the Bible as God's only resource for Truth and reliable wisdom, our pastor and other trained lay counselors are available to help Hope family members solve personal problems.

10. A.T.I.C. -- All Things In Common

Considering the difficult financial times facing so many, we provide opportunities for Hope family members to share their used belongings with one another, by designating the second Sunday of each month as A.T.I.C. Sunday. Following the morning service we have what amounts to be a "free rummage sale." This is a great clothes resource for young children and pregnant women.

11. Meal Ministry

After childbirth and when incapacitated by sickness, many in our fellowship find themselves needing help in meal preparation. Hope family members pitch in to provide meals to those families during their time of need.

12. Food Closet

To provide for those suddenly faced with a food shortage, we maintain a food resource stocked by Hope family members. We encourage parents to include their children in the purchase and donating of all food gifts.

13. Home School Support Group

Many within the Hope Chapel family teach their children at home. Because of the unique needs facing home school parents, we have organized a parent support group to provide encouragement and help, and to coordinate field trips and special classes.

14. Women's Ministries

With the growing pressures of modern family life and the increasing cloudiness of marital roles, the women of Hope meet regularly for prayer and spiritual encouragement. The goal is to fulfill the biblical injunction to learn to "love their husbands and children" (Titus 2:4). This training includes weekly prayer meetings, book studies, monthly fellowships, and an annual retreat.

15. Leadership Training

For the purpose of equipping the saints for the work of ministry, we offer a weekly Shepherding Class. Participants are trained in counseling, pastoring, and basic theology. Although open to all, heads-of-households are specifically encouraged to participate. Offered seasonally.

16. Parent Training

As an ongoing ministry throughout the year, we sponsor occasional biblical child training seminars, both live and on video. Used in conjunction with Pastor Reb's book on child training, we have found them to be vital tools in learning to establish order and discipline in our homes. A copy of Pastor Rebís child training book is available for free to all who visit.

17. Children's Ministries

It is our conviction that God places the responsibility for the spiritual training of children on their parents -- most specifically the father (Eph 6:4). We therefore, place great emphasis on equipping parents to train their own children "in the discipline and instruction of the Lord." We do have a wonderful children's church program during the Sunday morning sermon, but consider it a supplement to the main body of biblical training the children receive from their parents.

18. Music Ministry

God created music and desires us to express our love for him through it. We therefore place a priority upon our Sunday morning singing time and have formed a team of worship leaders who meet regularly for prayer and practice.

19. Book, Tape, & Video Library

Available for check-out to Hope members is a library containing hundreds of Christian books and tapes. We have a selection of Christian and family-oriented video tapes as well.

20. Special Events

In the interest of fellowship and relaxation, the Hope family gathers throughout the year for various social events, such as banquets, picnics, retreats, family camps, etc.

21. Skills Classes

To help families offset the cost of various professional services, we sponsor monthly classes designed to teach basic skills such as auto repair, canning, sewing, home maintenance, gardening, etc. Offered seasonally.

22. Time & Money Management Resources

To help families bring order into their homes, we sponsor occasional seminars on home finances, career planning, and time management. We make available a variety of books and video tapes on related subjects as well.