What spiritual effect will this new location or job have on me or my family?


Am I confident I will be near a good fellowship, or might I be taking my family into a spiritual desert?


Will there be godly women in the area to offer support and encouragement to my wife?


What kind of children will my children associate with in the new area?


What will the job give me -- more or less time with my wife and children?


Am I absolutely confident my new bosses will not expect me to work frequent overtime or to travel extensively?


Will the new job build me up in the faith or will it tear me down?


If Christian work, does the ministry abide by godly principles? Are its purposes in line with proper biblical theology? (Caution must especially be exercised in the area of political activism.)


If secular work, will it cause me to work contrary to my Christian values or purposes?


If Christian work, are my employers mature or immature in their faith? What will they model for me -- humility and purity, or arrogance and carnality? Will I likely leave my job each day closer to Christ and a more godly husband, or spiritually weak and intolerant of my wife?


If my co-workers are unbelievers, am I strong enough to handle the moral temptations they will bring me?


If Christian work, what does the new job appeal to in me -- my flesh or my spirit?


If the new job is appealing because of great financial gain, might I be risking my family's spiritual well-being for money?




How might this new job or move affect my family financially?


How stable is the company? New and fly-by-night?  Long established?  Boss's track record -- will he actually come through with his promises?


Short term impact:


Will I need to tighten the belt for a time while waiting for raises?  Will I actually be able to support my family? 


Long range impact:


Are pay increases guaranteed? Have other employees received consistent raises?


Is the job a temporary one?  Will the money I make be sufficient to carry me through a time of unemployment when the job ends?


Is the cost of living in the new area so high that the advantage of higher wages will be lost?















        When you haven't given your old company an opportunity to match the offers of the new job, or make a counter offer.


        When there is a personality conflict or bitterness towards a boss or co-worker.


God's solution for conflict is love and forgiveness. Make certain you are obeying Christ and your conscience is clear before you flee a trial.


        When your departure is sudden, leaving your company "high and dry" -- without sufficient time to prepare for your leaving.


Always do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Before leaving, ask yourself, is it fair to them to leave them in a bind?  Would you want someone to do that to you?


If a new boss is pressuring you to begin the new job forcing you to leave your present one on short notice to your present one, ask yourself, would Jesus leave his friends in a lurch or would he do all that was reasonable to help make a smooth transition for his replacement? If Jesus worked a key position, would he take off and say, "Sorry," or would he look at his new boss and say, "I'm sorry, if I have to start the job that soon, you will have to find someone else for the job. I can't do that to my friend. You wouldn't want me to do that to you after 6 months." 


        When you are breaking a commitment or forsaking an understanding.


If someone hires you to accomplish certain tasks, is it honorable to leave them after a short time, before you have completed those tasks, especially if your departure will cause them great hardship?


If someone has invested themselves in you -- training, coaching, and providing for you, will they feel taken advantage of when you leave them prematurely? If unbelievers, will they curse your Jesus?


If you decide to remain at your job and fulfill your boss' expectations, will this not teach your children a great deal about integrity and honoring commitments?


        When you are basing the decision primarily on subjective spiritual leading, ie: "I believe it is God's will, because I feel `peace' about the decision."


Nowhere in the Bible does it suggest that God's will is determined by feelings. Nowhere! In fact, many Christians who justify divorce or abortion, cite God's leading, basing it on a feeling of "peace" they have about the decision.


        When your decision to leave has not been based on biblical wisdom and sound counsel from respected spiritual leaders.


A hasty decision to leave, made without seeking or seriously considering the counsel of the spiritual leaders God has placed over you, suggests rashness or instability, or fleshly motives and a defiled conscience.