Describe your conversion experience.


Would you say you love God? Why?


If you love God, how would you say your love manifests itself?


If you were by yourself and were being assaulted for your faith in Christ, how would you respond?


If you were asked by someone how they could be saved, what would you tell them?


If you died and faced Christ, and he asked you why he should let you into heaven, what would you say?


How often do you read the Word?


Next to the Bible, what are your favorite books?  Why?


Who are your favorite teachers and why?


What role does psychology have in relationship with the Bible?


Do you agree with the attached doctrinal statement?  How do your views differ?


Is there a label which best describes your doctrinal beliefs, ie: Calvinist, Arminian, etc.




What physical or sexual privileges come with engagement or betrothal? Support your answer with Scripture.


What kind of alone-time do you anticipate having with my daughter once you are engaged?


How long do you anticipate being engaged?


How will you decide on which engagement ring to buy?


What opinions do you have about the wedding?


How will you handle it if there are conflicts over wedding or honeymoon plans?


What role do you see your parents as having in this courtship?




Are you presently prepared to assume my role as provider and protector of my daughter?  Prove it.


Are you now in the career you want to be in?


Is your present job secure (as much as can be humanly gauged)?


What is your monthly income?


How much money do you have saved?    How long did it take you to save it?


What is your view of a wife's role in the financial support of the family?




What is your definition of headship and submission?


Do you want to have children?      How many are you hoping for?


What are your views on birth control?


Briefly, what are your views on child training?


How do you plan to educate your children?




If you enjoyed a certain kind of music, and discovered that it was a stumbling block to your wife, what would you do?


What types of music do you listen to?


What types of entertainment do you watch?  ie: TV, movies, videos, etc.


How do you determine what entertainment is acceptable for you as a Christian and what is not?




How do you handle temptations to lust?


How do you express anger, and what sets you off?


What would you do if your wife became upset and began beating on your chest?


When is physical force acceptable in relating with your wife?


Do you have any fears or phobias?


How does your pride manifest itself?


How easy is it for you to ask forgiveness of others when they feel offended by you?




Where would you like to live? ie: city, state, topical region, etc.


Do you want to get further education? How will you manage it once married?


What would you do if your wife asked you to give up something you enjoy, but which frightened her?

     ie: bungee jumping, rock climbing, skydiving, motocross, destruction derby, flying, etc.


What dream for yourself would you like to be fulfilled 20 years from now?


What is your most outrageous dream for the future?