Title: Influencing Children's Hearts -- 4 sessions

Session 1: Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling -- 1 hr
Multitudes of homeschool parents around the country, including leaders, have graduated their first batch of kids, only to watch their graduates go wayward. Many were model homeschoolers while growing up, but sometime after their 18th birthday they began to reveal that they didn’t hold to their parents’ values. In this session Reb exposes common blind spots in parenting which contribute to the breakdown of relationship between parents and children, and thereby increase prodigal tendencies. For veteran and beginning homeschoolers this is a "Don't Miss" session

Session 2: Gaining Your Children's Hearts -- 1 hr
According to Proverbs 29:17 properly disciplined children are a joy and delight to their parents. Many homeschool parents are convinced of this truth so are diligent in their training and discipline. Sadly, many of these parents discover that the authority which easily controlled their children when young is insufficient to influence them as teenagers. What they lack is a relationship with their children's hearts (Prov 23:26). In this session Reb will help parents discover how they lose the hearts of their children and reveal to them what the Bible says they can do to gain them back.

Session 3: Raising Children Who Love God -- 1 hr
What is your chief goal for your children? Is it that they obey you and grow up to be faithful in church attendance?  It may be possible for some to train their children’s behavior in such a way, but raising a church attender is not the same as raising a child to love God wholeheartedly.  In this session Reb looks at what it means to love God with one’s whole heart, mind, and strength, and offers a wonderful biblical plan to ignite love for God in our children’s hearts.

Session 4: Grace of the Gospel and its Impact on Your Family  – 1 hr 
In modern America it is common for teens – even Christian teens – to identify with the world and pull away from their families. The Bible offers wonderful direction for parents who want to help their children identify more with the family than with their friends and the youth subculture. In Malachi 4:6 it was prophesied that John the Baptist would strengthen family bonds, turning the hearts of parents and children toward each other. Yet John never spoke about parenting or family life, but instead preached the good news about Jesus. In this session Reb examines the gospel as it was preached by John and reveals its inherent blessing for families. 

Title: Preparing Your Children for Courtship & Marriage: From toddlers to teens

This is a full-day presentation revealing to parents how specific modern dating practices lead young people into sexual impurity and increase the likelihood of future marriage troubles and divorce. It also offers a plan for shaping children's sexual and romantic values from the time they are young, and includes sessions on Discerning True and False Love, God's Will in Choosing a Mate, and Practical Steps to Modern Courtship. Valuable for parents of all age children from toddlers to teens.

Title: Biblical Insights Into Child Training

For the parents who desire a delightful family which produces responsible, Christian teenagers and mature, productive adults. Sessions include workshops, Establishing Parental Control in the Home, Choosing the Best Discipline for Your Child, and Raising Respectful Children, as well as other sessions. This seminar exposes for parents many of their blind spots and offers biblical insights which have radically transformed multitudes of families nationwide.

Title: Parenting Teens With the Wisdom of Solomon

Many parents apply biblical parenting principles and find it easy to rear their young children, but they make the mistake of trying to use that same approach when their children reach the adolescent years. Such parents often rely upon sheltering and strict control, yet eventually watch their teens escape the home as soon as they can. Other parents back off entirely, only to see their teens become ensnared by the world and divided from the family. Fortunately, God has not left us without help. In the Bible King Solomon modeled for us a perfect balance of leadership and liberty in his dealings with his teenage sons. In this seminar Reb examines Solomon's approach and shows how to make the transition from parenting children to young adults.

Sessions include:

#1 -- The Goal of Parenting
#2 -- Maturity Through Following Leadership
#3 -- Maturity Through Discipline
#4 -- Maturity Through Relationship Part 1
#5 -- Maturity Through Relationship Part 2
#6 -- Maturity Through Responsibility
#7 -- Maturity Through Life Preparation

Title: Becoming a Man of God

This seminar will equip men in areas of personal holiness and family roles. Sessions include: Conquering Lust, Taming Anger, Understanding and Loving Your Wife, The Art of Flirting with Your Wife, and Biblical Family Leadership. Men who are ready for the challenge will find life-changing help here.

Title: Help for the Homeschool Family

This full-day presentation offers help for home schooling families in areas of family life as it relates to home education. Its sessions consist of the following workshops: Establishing Parental Control in the Home, Creating a Strong Family Identity, Peace for the "Stressed Out" Home School Mom, For Men: Reading the Mind of Your Home School Wife, and Avoiding the Home School "Cult" Mentality. See descriptions for each workshop.

Title: Saving the Next Generation -- 2 hrs

A combination of workshops Fathers: Saving the Next Generation and Raising our Children as Warriors for Christ. See workshop descriptions.