Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling
The Delightful Family

Creating a Strong Family Identity   

Strengthening Family Bonds

The Power of a Strong Family   
Fortifying the Weakness of Strong Families
The Delightful Homeschool Marriage


Parenting Teens with the Wisdom of Solomon

Escaping the Seduction of American Culture

Influencing Your Children's Hearts
The Grace of the Gospel and its Impact on Your Family

Giving Your Children a Vision for Courtship   

Establishing Parental Control in the Home   

Balancing Love, Discipline, & Rewards
Raising Children Who Love God

Beyond Obedience: Raising Children Who Love  

Raising Respectful Children

Raising Responsible Children

Raising Your Children as Warriors for Christ   

Choosing the Best Discipline for Your Child  

How Not to Exasperate Your Children  

Overcoming the Myths of Modern Adolescence  

Grooming Your Teens for Greater Freedom  

Restoring Peace to Parents and Teens in Turmoil  

Raising Children to Sanctify Life  

Conservatives Who Raise Liberal Children  


Peace for the Angry,  Hostile,  "Stressed Out" Home School Mom
Avoiding the Home School "Cult" Mentality  


For Men: Reading the Mind of Your Home School Wife  

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Female Mind

Fathers: Saving the Next Generation   


New Testament Home Church



WARRIOR MOTHER: Fighting FOR the kids and not WITH them
The 10 Things I Wish I had Known When I Began Homeschooling
Peace in the Face of Financial Stress
Families that Love Through Hard Times
It’s Not Supposed to be this Hard!

When the Homeschool Dream Doesn’t Come True
Sons and the Mothers Who Raise Them/Daughters Who Become Your Friends
Making Your Home a Safe Place for Your Children's Hearts
Overcoming the Distractions of Motherhood: Keeping Priorities in Focus
Loving and Teaching the Difficult Child
Cultivating Tender Love for Your Children
Teaching Your Children to Love One Another
Keeper of the Home
Becoming Your Husband's Helpmate

Home School Mom: Controller or Servant?

Finding Quiet in Your Busy Day
God's Remedy for Weariness
Singing as Ministry to Your Children
Seasons in a Woman's Life


Title: Parenting Teens with the Wisdom of Solomon -- 1 hr

Many parents apply biblical parenting principles and find it easy to rear their young children, but they make the mistake of trying to use that same approach when their children reach the adolescent years. Such parents often rely upon sheltering and strict control, yet watch their teens escape the home as soon as they can. Other parents back off entirely, only to see their teens become ensnared by the world and divided from the family. Fortunately, God has not left us without help. In the Bible King Solomon modeled for us a perfect balance of leadership and liberty in his dealings with his teenage sons. In this session Reb examines Solomon’s approach and shows how to make the transition from parenting children to young adults.

Title: Influencing Your Children's Hearts -- 1 hr

According to Proverbs 29:17 properly disciplined children are a joy and delight to their parents. Many homeschool parents are convinced of this truth so are diligent in their training and discipline. Sadly, many of these parents discover that the authority which easily controlled their children when young is insufficient to influence them as teenagers. What they lack is a relationship with their children's hearts (Prov 23:26). In this session Reb will help parents discover how they lose the hearts of their children and reveal to them what the Bible says they can do to gain them back.

Title: Escaping the Seduction of American Culture -- 1 hr

In the last 50 years America has taken a moral nosedive. Since 1960 the rate of violent crimes has more than tripled, theft is up 250 percent, and illegal drug use is up 400 percent. Marriages are disintegrating, families are breaking down, and promiscuity has become so rampant that 40 percent of children are born out of wedlock and 1 of every 4 teenage girls has an STD. These trends reveal that modern Americans have a narcissistic worldview and lack self-restraint. To help Christian parents identify and abandon the polluted well from which they may have been drinking, Reb exposes the parenting philosophies that caused America’s decline.

Title: Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling -- 1 hr

Multitudes of homeschool parents around the country, including leaders, have graduated their first batch of kids, only to watch their graduates go wayward. Many were model homeschoolers while growing up, but sometime after their 18th birthday they began to reveal that they didn’t hold to their parents’ values. In this session Reb exposes common blind spots in parenting which contribute to the breakdown of relationship between parents and children, and thereby increase prodigal tendencies. For veteran and beginning homeschoolers this is a "Don't Miss" session

Title: The Grace of the Gospel and its Impact on Your Family-- 1 hr

What kind of a parent is God? Did you know that we tend to parent our children as we "feel" parented by God? Did you know we tend to relate with our Heavenly Father based on preconceptions of parenthood we carry with us from our own childhood? In this session Reb takes a biblical look at God's fatherhood and shows how a grace-filled relationship with our heavenly Father can transform your home.

Title: Establishing Parental Control in the Home -- 1 hr

Few parents today realize how peaceful parenting can be. Their homes are stressful and many are hampered in home education because their children do not respond respectfully to their authority. Children can be trained to obey quickly and with a good attitude, and they need not go through "phases" like the "terrible twos," the "tough threes," and the "trying teens." This workshop will expose to parents many of their blind spots and help them establish the proper parental control necessary for successful child training and home education.

(A note to the event organizers: Sometimes as many as a third to one half of conference participants attend this workshop. Be sure to plan enough space.)

Balancing Love, Discipline, and Rewards – 1 hr

Without proper biblical discipline, children can be sources of great stress, and they grow up lacking qualities and character traits necessary for maturity. However, many discipline-minded parents exasperate their children because they fail to distinguish between "will" and "skill" issues. They seek to motivate by punishment when they should inspire by rewards. The Scriptures reveal that God motivates by both warnings of curses, but also by promises of blessing -- by punishment, but also by rewards. Parents who learn God's balance will discover that their children flourish all the more.

Title: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Female Mind – 1 hr

This life-changing message is needed by every husband, every son, and every brother. Prepared after decades of counseling, 30+ years of interviews with his wife, and a lifetime of Bible study, Reb presents deep insights into male/female relationships. This session will help every man gain insight into his wife's heart, explaining why she gets offended so easily by innocent comments, why she seems so illogical at times, and why her girlfriends understand her perfectly. The man who listens to this session and applies it to his marriage, will find himself married to a happy woman. The young man who hears it, will better understand his sisters, his mother, and every other female he knows.

Title: Fortifying the Weakness of Strong Families – 1 hr  (Keynote or Workshop)


Christian families in America need to be strengthened. However, some go beyond biblical discretion and elevate their family higher than God intended. This session reveals the subtle ways in which homeschoolers can accidentally make the family into an idol, inadvertently dishonoring God, and damaging the spiritual health of their children. After observing family-minded people for more than 20 years, Reb offers this caution to those who might be sacrificing their children for the idol of the family.


Title: Creating a Strong Family Identity -- 1 hr (Keynote or Workshop)

In modern America it is common for teens – even Christian teens – to identify with the world and pull away from their families. The Bible offers wonderful direction for parents who want to help their children identify more with the family than with their friends and the youth subculture. In Malachi 4:6 it was prophesied that John the Baptist would strengthen family bonds, turning the hearts of parents and children toward each other. Yet John never spoke about parenting or family life, but instead preached the good news about Jesus. In this session Reb examines the gospel as it was preached by John and reveals its inherent blessing for families. 

Title: Strengthening Family Bonds (Creating a Strong Family Identity Part 2 )-- 1 hr

Many parents homeschool their children in an effort to protect them from carnal influences and to tighten family bonds. However, as those "protected" children reach their teen years they sometimes lean away from their family and begin identifying with the world's youth subculture; some who were once respectful and attentive to family needs take every opportunity to be apart from their family, and may become embarrassed to be seen with their family in public. This workshop offers a plan for creating a strong family identity with your children which will promote unity in the home and help develop lasting family bonds.

Title: The Power of a Strong Family  – 1 hr 


With a soaring crime rate, rampant promiscuity, illicit drug use, and escalating violence in our schools, people are trying to solve the mystery – why is our society so weak? Every society is built upon families. When families are weak, so also is that society. Strong families are the backbone of a strong society and the secret to a strong church. In this session Reb reveals the importance of family in society, and particularly, in the scheme of God’s plans for His kingdom.

Title: Giving Your Children a Vision for Courtship -- 1 hr

Alternate Title: Giving Your Children a Vision for Pure Relationships

According to one national study, 43% of professing Christian teens lose their virginity by the time they are 18, and 70% have been involved in significant physical intimacy. Needless to say, such rampant hormonal stimulation creates multiple problems for the teens and their families. There is no one biblical way to court, but in this session Reb helps parents draw from the Scriptures to create their own “courtship” plan that will help their children walk in greater purity and lay a foundation for stronger marriages. Valuable for parents of all age children, from toddlers to teens.

Title: The Delightful Homeschool Marriage – 1 hr 

Marriage can be one of the greatest sources of joy in life, but it may also be a cause of great pain. Couples who educate their children at home sometimes discover that the added pressures of homeschooling can magnify the challenges already inherent within marriage. Such pressures can serve to distract men and women from their call to raise godly children and advance God's kingdom. In this session Reb offers key biblical Truths which, if embraced, will have power to strengthen any marriage.

New Testament Home Church – 1 hr 

A growing trend among homeschoolers today is the establishment of home fellowships in place of the more traditional "organized" church. These home churches are attractive because they lack many of the trappings of larger, program-oriented churches, but they can easily become imbalanced if they are not patterned closely after the structural model of the New Testament Church. Many modern home churches, in fact, disintegrate after 2-3 years, leaving loved ones in broken relationships. As a pastor who trains church planters, Reb presents an overview of the Bible's guidelines for local church structure and organization.

Raising Children Who Love God -- 1 hr

What is your chief goal for your children? Is it that they obey you and grow up to be faithful in church attendance?  It may be possible for some to train their children’s behavior in such a way, but raising a church attender is not the same as raising a child to love God wholeheartedly.  In this session Reb looks at what it means to love God with one’s whole heart, mind, and strength, and offers a wonderful biblical plan to ignite love for God in our children’s hearts.

Title: Beyond Obedience: Raising Children Who Love -- 1 hr

Many parents content themselves when their children become obedient and respectful. God’s end goal for our children, however, is not merely that they obey – that is just the foundation for their training. His goal is that they love. Christ taught that love is the key ingredient of maturity, particularly love for those who oppose us. Even if our children grow up self-controlled, and remain active in church, if they fail to be lovers of friends as well as enemies, we have not succeeded in giving them the most important Christian virtue. This session will expose parenting blind spots and will offer a plan for raising children whose chief trait is love.

Title: For Men: Reading the Mind of Your Home School Wife -- 1 hr

Women are by nature very different from men. Their emotional needs, their ways of seeing things, their thought processes, and their communications often leave their husbands baffled. The woman who home schools, because of the overwhelming nature of home education, has especially unique needs. Based on surveys of home school moms, this workshop will present to men those things their home schooling wives wish they could communicate. The man who understands and applies this teaching will properly be the Protector of his family, and will find his wife grateful and more at peace.

Title: Raising Respectful Children -- 1 hr

If there is one word which describes what is absent in modern American children, it is "respect." A generation of children are growing up with little understanding of what it means to honor their parents or respect any established authority. Neither do they properly respect other people's possessions or their feelings. As Christian parents we need not be swept along with our society's parenting techniques which foster such a lack of honor for others. This workshop will help parents identify what they accidentally do to foster disrespect in their children, and will give them a biblical plan to cultivate genuine love and respect, instead.


Title: Raising Responsible Children - 1 hr

 In parenting, one of our goals is to raise children who accept responsibility for themselves and for their actions. We want them to be reliable and conscientious in their duties, and to be honest enough to admit their failures and weaknesses. Yet, many parents find themselves raising “victims” who never accept blame, but hold everyone else responsible for their choices and reactions. In this session Reb reveals to parents how they can develop a biblical parenting approach, which causes their children to grow up to be productive and functional members of their family, the Church and society.

Title: The Delightful Family -- 1 hr (Keynote)

Most parents today yearn for a peaceful home, inhabited by joyful, obedient children. They want their families to relate with kindness and love, yet many find the opposite -- whining, complaining, and conflict often pollute their homes. But it doesn't have to be that way. In this keynote address, Reb helps parents learn to overcome the self-centered world-view which causes children unhappiness and breeds frequent quarreling. This life-changing message will both challenge and inspire parents in their walks with Christ, and help them to raise children who grow up ready to respond with joy and patience to life's troubles.

Title: Fathers: Saving the Next Generation -- 1 hr

A Strategic Offensive for Family Leaders: With the decline in clear role models for fatherhood in recent generations, most men today lack a clear vision for leadership in the home. The absence of strong fatherly leadership in the home has made most families vulnerable to moral and spiritual attacks. All fathers will want to hear this message to learn what it means to protectively oversee and lead one's family.

Title: Raising Your Children as Warriors for Christ -- 1 hr (Keynote or workshop)

In the Old Testament, Israelite children fell into the worship of idols, generation after generation. The book of Judges documents how their idolatry was a result of their parents' failure to properly prepare them for the moral pressures of living among idol-worshippers. Christian parents who want to keep their children faithful to the Lord have much to learn from Israel. Drawing from Israel's parenting mistakes, Reb presents a plan for raising children to be warriors for Christ rather than pew-warmers or backsliders.

Title: Avoiding the Home School "Cult" Mentality -- 1 hr

Many in the home school community find themselves alienated from fellow Christians who do not home school their children. The home school parent may inadvertently be the cause of this division. Offered in this workshop are the warning signs and solutions for the home school parent who is on the slippery slope of legalism and "exclusivism" in regards to home schooling.

Title: Peace for the Angry Hostile "Stressed Out" Home School Mom -- 1 hr

For many home school moms FRUSTRATION characterizes their days, and as STRESS grows, so does their ANGER. For these moms, their homes are not a place of peace, but rather a source of confused emotions: they feel GUILTY for their angry outbursts, FEARFUL for what they are doing to their children, and DISCOURAGED because they feel so helpless. This workshop looks at various causes of anger and offers reliable biblical solutions.

Title: How Not to Exasperate Your Children -- 1 hr

Do you want to exercise proper, firm authority in your home, but find yourself hampered by your children's negative reactions? Do you try to balance love and discipline, only to find your children exasperated? Whether you believe you are frustrating your children or not, if your child is often angry or depressed, you will want to attend this workshop. Come find out what the Bible means by "exasperation" (Eph 6:4), and discover God's path to a peaceful home and happier, more secure children.

Title: Choosing the Best Discipline for Your Child -- 1 hr

Are your choices of discipline for your children effective? After chastisement, are they respectful and happy, or are they angry or sullen? When they misbehave, do you know how to determine the appropriate consequence? Drawing upon biblical principles, this workshop distinguishes the differences between rebellion and thoughtless disobedience, and offers practical biblical tools for determining which form of discipline to use in different situations.

Title: Grooming Your Teens for Greater Freedom -- 1 hr

This workshop offers biblical answers to questions often asked by parents of teenagers: l Do teens automatically have rights to make their own decisions by virtue of just reaching a certain age? l By excessive sheltering, will a parent leave their child unprepared to face "real life"? l How can a parent teach teens to make wise decisions on their own?

Title: Restoring Peace to Parents and Teens in Turmoil -- 1 hr

Many Christian parents daily face conflict with their teenagers. They have been told that all teens must go through a rebellious phase, so they reluctantly wait for the phase to run its course. Unfortunately, they have been misled -- "teenage rebellion" is not an unavoidable, passing phase of growing up. It is a phenomena unique to the 20th century which can be reversed. Teenagers need NOT be disrespectful, thankless, and self-absorbed. The Bible offers much about parenting teenagers, and in this workshop Reb gives reliable, biblical guidance to parents who wish to rescue their teens before it is too late.

Title: Overcoming the Myths of Modern Adolescence -- 1 hr

In all of world history, up until a century ago, teenagers were considered adults -- there was no such thing as the childhood phase we call "adolescence." This workshop will examine modern culture and its influence on the slow maturing of today's young people, to help parents identify those things they do to keep their children irresponsible and self-absorbed, consequently, unprepared for adulthood. Also, drawing from history, Reb presents a plan for unlocking children's full potential for early maturity.

Title: Conservatives Who Raise Liberal Children – 1 hr 


As citizens of heaven Christians are submissive subjects of a perfect, Supreme Ruler. As citizens of the U.S., with its representative form of government, we are part of the governmental process. It is natural that conservative Christian parents desire their children to grow up to actively pursue their values in regards to civil concerns. However, many discover that their children grow up to care little for morally conservative issues. This session will reveal how a person’s political or social outlook on life, whether conservative or liberal, is not a direct result of the indoctrination they received as children, but is an outgrowth of the style of parenting they received as children.



Title: Raising Children to Sanctify Life – 1 hr 


Most pro-life Christian parents expect that their children will grow up to share their values. However, some parents discover that although their children are “pro-life” when young, when they grow up they support the “right to choose abortion.” This session will expose for parents their blind spots, revealing how they accidentally raise children to choose personal expedience over the life of the unborn.


Title: TEENS: Pursuing Pure Relationships -- 1  hr

This workshop will address the following questions: How can a Christian young person develop pure relationships without being drawn into the values of America's youth subculture? What are the sexual traps facing today's young people? Why do so many Christian young people fall to sexual pressure? What is a pure relationship? What are God's methods for maintaining sexual purity?

Title: Christian Freedom and Biblical Wisdom -- 1 hr

Is it okay to dye my hair blue? Should I pierce my nose? Can I go to college? How can a person decide what is acceptable entertainment? Does it matter to God if I am in a community group like an orchestra or a theater production? How do we know what is wrong for followers of Christ and what is a permissible Christian liberty? In this workshop, Reb will not answer each of these questions with his personal opinions. He will, however, equip young people with the biblical tools necessary to make wise choices in these and other areas of life. Young or old, all who attend this session will leave with help which they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Title: Independence and Parental Authority -- 1 hr

As teens grow toward adulthood, many find themselves struggling to understand their changing family roles. They know they have a responsibility toward their family, but find themselves craving more opportunities for freedom and independence. For some, any exercise of strong parental authority only brings frustration. In this workshop, Reb draws upon the Scriptures to define for teens their role in the family, and offers them a biblically-based plan for winning their parents' trust and gaining greater liberties.

Title: Becoming a WARRIOR (not a Wimp) for Christ -- 1 hr

According to the apostle Paul, single Christians are the Kingdom of Light's most effective warriors, because they are free from the responsibilities of marriage (1 Cor 7:32-35). This workshop is for the unmarried teen who is tired of warming a pew and playing games in Youth Group, and is ready to get on with becoming a dangerous warrior for Christ. The inspiration and practical help offered in this session will assist the Christian teen in reaching his/her full potential as an important member of God's team.

Title: GROWING UP FAST -- 1 hr

In all of world history, up until a century ago, teenagers were considered adults -- there was no such thing as the childhood phase we call "adolescence." This workshop examines modern culture and its influence on the slow maturing of today's young people. It offers a plan for teens who want to grow up faster than their peers, and enjoy the privileges and respect that come with an early maturity.



In the realm of God’s kingdom, teenagers are among the most valuable warriors. However, because of a lack of security in who they are, many are not free to advance the kingdom. Their self-consciousness affects how they act, dress, and groom themselves, not to mention, what kind of car they drive and how they treat their family in public. They cannot make decisions without first considering how others will react. In this session Reb offers solid biblical help in finding courage to overcome what Jesus called the “fear of man.”

NOTE: Reb is concerned with the equipping of young people, but he has found his time is spent most productively equipping parents. Therefore, we ask that the majority of his sessions be with the parents.


Title: WARRIOR MOTHER: Fighting FOR the kids and not WITH them -- 1 hr

Why is it that while moms so often desire a close relationship with their children they end up in conflict with them? Not only is homeschooling near impossible when there is tension in the family, but the ability to influence children’s values is lost. In this session Beverly opens the Word to reveal important help for family harmony. She shares about the transformation in her own home when she recognized the spiritual warfare directed at her own children, and made the choice to fight not WITH them, but FOR them.

Peace in the Face of Financial Stress -- 1 hr


In this season of financial uncertainty, many women find themselves impacted by fear and distress. The insecurity they feel, hampers their ability to be good wives and mothers. Beverly knows firsthand such pressure, and she shares with homeschool moms the path to grace available in Jesus. (This session is not about saving money and living frugally.)


Title: The 10 Things I Wish I had Known When I Began Homeschooling -- 1 hr


When Beverly started homeschooling more than 25 years ago she had been a credentialed teacher who taught classrooms full of children, so felt confident to teach her own children at home. As the years progressed however, she discovered that her professional experience wasn’t what she needed to influence her children, it was an understanding of God’s values and His grace to impart them.

It’s Not Supposed to be this Hard! -- 1hr

Some moms begin the path to homeschooling with fear and trepidation. Many more start out confidently, with romantic notions of blissfully teaching reading around the kitchen table. In time, most discover the challenge of balancing academic instruction, crowd control, housework, and family life. If you are one of those moms who finds herself saying, “It’s not supposed to be this hard!”  this session will minister to your very soul.  ____________________________________________________________________________________

Families that Love Through Hard Times -- 1hr


The Scriptures teach that Christians will suffer in this life, but need not be overcome by trials. In fact, those who learn to respond with love to those who antagonize them are well on their way to maturity. The same is true for our children. In this workshop Beverly offers practical help for parents who want to help their children love through adversity. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Title: When the Homeschool Dream Doesn’t Come True – 1 hr

Many parents begin homeschooling with a dream. With near total control over the influences in their children’s lives, they are confident they will bring their children to the ultimate place of academic, moral, and spiritual superiority. However, increasing numbers of homeschool parents are discovering that when their children reach adulthood, all the sheltering and all the training failed to produce the results they envisioned. In this session Beverly helps parents avoid the mistakes which contribute to the demise of homeschool graduates, and brings words of encouragement to those who feel like they have failed already.


Title: Overcoming the Distractions of Motherhood: Keeping Priorities in Focus -- 1 hr

Many home school moms are overwhelmed by how much must be accomplished each day. As their days become filled with frustration, they find themselves distracted and driven to accomplish unattainable goals. This workshop holds practical insights for those who want to keep themselves and their children focused upon the goals that God has for them. Peace and freedom from anxiety await those who have set their priorities biblically.


Title: Loving and Teaching the Difficult Child -- 1hr

Teaching children at home is no simple task, but with some children it is more difficult than with others. This workshop is for the mom who has one type of particularly challenging child -- some would call him or her "A.D.D." These children are inattentive, highly distractible, fidgety, and impulsive. They fail to pick up social cues and have difficulty keeping friends. They are especially challenging, because they are disruptive to the education of their brothers ands sisters. These children receive excessive attention, but they often feel our anger and ultimately, our rejection. From her own experience, and with wisdom from God's Word, Beverly helps parents find a practical plan for loving and teaching difficult children.


Title: Teaching Your Children to Love One Another -- 1hr

As parents, we pour ourselves into our children and hope the care we give them will foster love between brothers and sisters. Sadly, too few parents find their love bears that kind of fruit -- their homes are characterized by sibling rivalry and disorder. For many, the thought of warmth and affection between brothers and sisters is an unattainable dream. Fortunately, it need not be just a dream. In this workshop, Beverly draws from the Scriptures to teach parents how they can kindle peaceful, loving relationships between brothers and sisters.


Title: Keeper of the Home -- 1hr

Many Christian women have difficulty balancing their duties to husband, children, and ministries. They struggle to be a combination of the "Titus 2" and the "Proverbs 31 Woman," yet feel like they barely survive each day. They are sure that the "Proverbs 31 Woman" could not have home-schooled her kids. This workshop offers solid biblical direction to those women who want to understand their biblical responsibilities as wife, mother, and home school teacher. A truly inspiring look at the high calling of Christian womanhood as presented in Titus 2:4-5.


Title: Becoming Your Husband's Helpmate -- 1hr

Drawing from the Scriptures and lessons learned from her own struggles as a wife, Beverly offers help balancing obligations to one's husband and children. This workshop is for the woman who desires to overcome her fears and controlling tendencies, and become her husband's "helpmate."


Title: Home School Mom: Controller or Servant? – 1 hrs   (2 sessions)

Many women work hard at caring for their families, yet find themselves discouraged when those they serve neither share their vision nor participate with their plans. In this session, Bev examines the lives of 6 biblical women, to expose the difference between serving others and exhausting oneself controlling them.


Title: Cultivating Tender Love for Your Children -- 1hr

As mothers we can be devoted to the care of our children's physical needs, and yet, neglect that which is most important to the heart of God -- loving them with tender compassion. Scripture makes clear that this aspect of mothering does not come naturally -- we need to be taught how to love our children (Titus 2:4). This session offers practical biblical help to the mother who wants to learn to tenderly love her children.


Title: Finding Quiet in Your Busy Day -- 1hr

We live in an age which is fast-paced and full of constant demands. With so many needs surrounding us, all of which seem essential, we need to look to the life of our Lord to discover how he found quiet in his day even though surrounded by demanding multitudes. This session will teach how "to live a quiet life" (1 Thes 4:11), so that we can say with the peaceful confidence our Lord, "… I do only what my Father commands me" (John 14:31).


Title: God's Remedy for Weariness -- 1hr

Many women who love their husbands and children, feel like they are too emotionally weary to properly fulfill their duties to their families. In this session Beverly points them to Jesus as their source of strength. Those who are weary and burdened should come to this session for a refreshing drink from God's well.


Title: Singing as Ministry to Your Children -- 1hr

In Ephesians 5:19 Paul tells us to "speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs." Have you ever considered how that relates to your children? Singing is a wonderful and biblical way to direct our children to God. In this session Beverly teaches the ways that music can be used to reinforce eternal truths and bring your children close to their savior. This message is for every mother whether she thinks she is musically talented or not.


Title: Seasons in a Woman's Life -- 1hr

In an age when the world is seducing women with its unbiblical ideas about a woman's identity and her calling in life, it is critical that Christian women understand God's calling on them. God has for each of us a unique purpose based on our age and station in life, and in this session, Beverly takes an uncompromising look at the Scriptures to discover God's beautiful plans for women in each of their seasons in life. She will look at three seasons: the season of being a young maiden, a wife and mother, and an older woman.