It is the Bradleysí conviction that teachers are servants of those who engage their services. As servants they are hesitant to set firm requirements of event sponsors, yet over the years they have discovered that there are certain things needed in order to facilitate an effective time of ministry with the fewest distractions. Consequently, the following guidelines have been developed to help event sponsors understand those needs. We do not want to place an undue burden upon anyone -- it is our hope that the guidelines are understood simply as our effort to communicate a few logistical needs.


Bev and her husband speak for their living, so rely upon financial remuneration whenever they speak. They receive no royalties from their materials, and proceeds from product sales go directly to Family Ministries, not to them.


     CONVENTIONS (Regional conferences that charge Entrance Fees to participants). At a time when so many are going through financial hard times, Reb and Bev are hesitant to charge a set fee for their speaking. However, the Governing Board of Family Ministries requests that Reb and Bev receive a set honorarium at events that charge Entrance Fees to participants. For 2-3 day speaking events the Board requests a minimum honorarium of $1000 for keynote plus workshop responsibilities, and $750 for just workshop speaking. If this will pose a burden upon event sponsors, please contact Family Ministries to discuss alternatives.


     Local events for Beverly:

      We ask that Beverly receive mileage reimbursement @ 56 cents a mile, plus love offering or honorarium

     Out-of-area events for Beverly:

      We ask that Beverly receive travel reimbursement, plus love offering or honorarium


      LOCAL EVENTS: We ask that convention sponsors provide airfare to all events located at a distance beyond a 3-hour drive from the Beverly's home one-hour north of Sacramento. When Beverly drives to local events we request that she be reimbursed for mileage @ 56 cents p/mile.  

      CONVENTION AIR TRAVEL: Bev travels with a staff or family member acting as her assistant, so needs airfare for two passengers.

      SEMINAR AIR TRAVEL: Bev travels with no assistant, so needs airfare for only one passenger.

      EXPENSES: When Beverly flies, we ask that Family Ministries receive $95 to cover miscellaneous travel expenses, ie: airport parking, tips, etc.

     SCHEDULING: to ensure flight reservations do not conflict with Bevís schedule, Family Ministries will make all travel arrangements. We will always seek to book the lowest rate available, taking into account layover durations and luggage limitations. Family Ministries will make all reservations and then contact event host for reimbursement.

      AIRPORT PICK UP: Bev appreciates being picked up at the airport rather than being provided a rental car.


      Bev prefers a non-smoking room.


      Driver for airport pick up. Vehicle should be large enough to transport 2 large suitcases.

      In case there are problems locating Bev at the airport after arrival, she can be reached on her cell phone. Be certain those picking her up, have her cellular number with them.

      Sound technician or capable substitute.

      Registration volunteers to disseminate syllabi or outlines.

      Ushers, if a love offering is taken.


      Family Ministries is a non-profit organization that publishes and distributes Beverly's materials. Please be certain that display space is made available for Family Ministriesí materials.

      For seminars tables for display of materials need to be located in auditorium foyer or in refreshment hall.

      For conventions featuring exhibit halls, two adjoining booths at or near the hall entrance are necessary, at least one of which is a corner booth. A corner booth will allow the tables to be angled into an "L" formation, which will allow more people access to the booth.  If no corner booth is available, three booths will be needed to accommodate the tables.

      Beverly will need access to the event facility before the start of the event to set up the book table. Approximately 1 hour is needed to set up the display. 


      A podium. 

      Lapel microphone (preferably cordless).

      Rectangular tables -- at least 16 lineal feet for display of tapes and books.

      A sound technician or capable substitute


     LOCAL EVENTS: When Bev drives she will be compensated for her automobile travel @ 56 cents per mile.

     TRAVEL EXPENSES: When Bev flies, Family Ministries requests a $95 travel fee.

     BAGGAGE: Since most airlines (except Southwest) now charge extra for luggage, we ask that luggage reimbursement be included with airfare. Average baggage fees for two people = $240 (Southwest Airlines = $0).

      SYLLABI COSTS: Following the event, Family Ministries will need reimbursement for syllabi purchased by attendees, figuring $8 per syllabus.


      Over the years we have come to believe there are important ingredients for a successful event. Prayer, we have concluded, is preeminent. Logistical preparation and publicity are obviously necessary for making events go smoothly, but all the meticulous planning in the world is useless for changing lives. If we want an event to have lasting spiritual impact, God must be called upon to move. We therefore, encourage you to gather a team of people who will pray for the fruitfulness of your upcoming event. We anticipate that lives can be changed.

Thank you again for all your effort. Beverly is looking forward to ministering together with you.

If you have any questions, please give a call to (800) 545-1729, or contact us at .