This section covers the process of booking Reb to present one of his SEMINARS. Guidelines for booking Reb or Bev to present keynotes or sessions at some kind of regional or state conference can be found by clicking on the link to the left "HOW TO BOOK REB FOR A CONVENTION"

(Updated 04/23/2013)

It is Reb's conviction that teachers are servants of those who engage their services. As a servant, Reb is hesitant to set firm requirements of event sponsors, yet over the years he has discovered that there are certain things needed in order to facilitate an effective time of ministry with the fewest distractions. Consequently, the following guidelines have been developed to help event sponsors understand those needs. We do not want to place an undue burden upon anyone -- it is our hope that the guidelines are understood simply as our effort to communicate a few logistical needs.


  • When Reb flies we ask that Family Ministries receive $95 to cover miscellaneous expenses associated with traveling, ie: airport parking, tips, etc.

  • Reb travels with a staff or family member acting as his assistant, so needs airfare for two, as well as reimbursement of luggage fees. (At Southwest Airlines there are no luggage fees)


  • In good conscience, Reb cannot charge a fee for his ministry; particularly when event participants are not charged an entrance fee. However, Reb speaks for his living, so does rely upon financial remuneration. This means that the gratuity is at the discretion of the event sponsors. (Please note: Reb receives no royalties from his materials, and proceeds from product sales go directly to Family Ministries, not to him.)

  • For those who are uncertain how to compensate a speaker, we usually suggest they take into consideration several things:  The value of Reb's ministry to your group; the time given to preparation; and the number of days away from his family, including travel days [1 Tim 5:18].

  • Please notify us if you intend to take a love offering, so that Reb can plan for it in the seminar schedule


  • Some groups offer a seminar at no charge to participants. For those groups we ask that Family Ministries be reimbursed $8 for each syllabus.
  • For groups that charge an entrance fee, we suggest two different fees: To prompt advance registrations and help event planners better determine projected attendance, we recommend a discounted early bird registration. The cost of syllabi can be included in the entrance fee.
  • Family Ministries requires reimbursement for syllabus printing costs.
  • For 1-evening seminars, syllabi are not always available. In those cases we will provide event sponsors a master copy of the session outline for reproduction.


  • In order for Reb to reach the broadest number of people, thereby making the best use of his time away from his family, we ask that any group sponsoring a seminar work to have a minimum of 100 in attendance. For some this will be easy, but for others this will require diligence in publicity.

  • Pre-registration is an excellent means of generating sign-ups and supplies advance notice of anticipated attendance. 

  • To help maximize attendance, we can supply masters for fliers, brochures, and posters, and we will provide a publicity checklist


      LOCAL EVENTS: We ask that convention sponsors provide airfare to all events located at a distance beyond a 3-hour drive from the Bradleys' home one-hour north of Sacramento. When Reb & Bev drive to more local events we request that they be reimbursed for mileage @ 56 cents p/mile. We will send an invoice giving total miles at the conclusion of the weekend. 

      AIR TRAVEL: Reb travels with a staff or family member acting as her assistant, so needs airfare for two passengers.  

      EXPENSES: When Reb flies, we ask that Family Ministries receive $95 in advance to cover miscellaneous travel expenses, ie: airport parking, tips, etc.

     SCHEDULING: to ensure flight reservations do not conflict with Reb’s schedule, Family Ministries will make all travel arrangements. We will always seek to book the lowest rate available, taking into account layover durations and luggage limitations. Family Ministries will purchase all airfare and then bill for reimbursement before the event. If our travel fund is exhausted we will identify workable flights and contact the event host to make reservations. Since most seminars are Friday-Saturday events, we will schedule Reb's flight to arrive Friday early enough to allow for travel from airport, book table set-up, sound check, and rest before the event.

     To help us book flight times, we need to know the drive time from the airport to the event facility. Please inform us of any local rush-hour traffic, which should be taken into consideration.

     To reduce pressure for Reb before the event, he will need access to the facility as early as possible to set up the book table. This will require that he visit the event facility as a first stop after leaving the airport. 

      AIRPORT PICK UP: Reb appreciates being picked up at the airport, but welcomes rental cars if a ride is not available.  

      BAGGAGE: Since most airlines (except Southwest) now charge extra for luggage, we ask that luggage reimbursement be included with airfare. Average baggage fees for two people = $240 (Southwest Airlines = $0)


  • Reb will need a non-smoking room with two, queen-size beds, one for each he and his assistant, or one king-size bed when both Reb and Beverly travel together. Reb and Bev are both tall, so please remember that bed size is important.


         During extended speaking engagements Reb typically fasts or limits himself to coffee, to keep his energy up during the days. His assistant, however, does eat and appreciates all meals provided.

  • At the conclusion of Reb's speaking day he will eat a meal. If meals are provided, please note that he is allergic to walnuts and is unable to eat spicy foods such as bell peppers, chilies, etc.


         Driver for airport pick up. Vehicle should be large enough to transport 4 large suitcases, plus 2 carry-ons. (Mini or full-size vans recommended. Please, no small sedans or SUV’s).

         In case there are problems locating Reb at the airport after arrival, he can be reached on his cell phone. Be certain those picking him up, have his cellular number with them.

         Sound technician or capable substitute.

         Registration volunteers to disseminate syllabi or outlines.

         Ushers, if a love offering is taken.


  • Family Ministries is a non-profit organization which publishes and distributes Reb's materials, as well as coordinates his conference speaking. In order to offer conference participants the most help possible, wherever Reb speaks he requests that display space be made available for the display of Family Ministries materials.

  • Tables for display of materials need to be located in auditorium foyer or in refreshment hall.

  • For 2-day and full-day Saturday seminars, Friday access to the facility for set up of display tables is necessary. The event facility will need to be Reb's first stop following his arrival at the airport.  Approximately 1 hour is needed to set up the display. 


  • Reb uses his laptop at the pulpit and a video projector. He will use his own projector unless the facility has its own projector and is set up with video cable connections at the pulpit. Please notify us regarding the cable setup of your facility. 

  •  Large projection screen positioned so that entire audience can see. 

  • A podium. 

  • A stool or small table next to the pulpit for Reb's laptop.

  • Lapel microphone (preferably cordless). Reb can bring his own if the facility lacks one.

  • We ask that seminars not be recorded without prior arrangements.

  • Rectangular tables -- at least 24 lineal feet for display of materials (3 - 8' or 4 - 6' tables).


  • Most of Reb's seminars are scheduled over two days: Friday from 7 PM - 9:30 PM and Saturday from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Exact ending time depends on return flight schedule.)

  • One-day seminars run from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM with two 15-minute breaks and a 1-hour lunch.  Depending on the seminar, the lunch break falls between 11:30 and 12:30. Registration opens at 8:00.

  • Evening sessions typically last 1 hour each. For 2-session evening seminars there is a 15 minute break between the sessions.


        AIRFARE FOR TWO: Reb and an assistant

         BAGGAGE FEES: Reimbursement for two passengers = $240 (Southwest Airlines = $0)

        TRAVEL FEE: Reimbursement for miscellaneous travel expenses = $95


  • Over the years we have learned that there are crucial ingredients for a successful event. Prayer, we have concluded, is preeminent. Logistical preparation and publicity are obviously necessary for making events go smoothly, but all the meticulous planning in the world is useless for changing lives. If we want an event to have lasting spiritual impact, God must be called upon to move. We therefore, encourage you to gather a team of people who will pray for the fruitfulness of your upcoming event.


         Childcare on-site? No childcare?

         Provisions for nursing mothers

         Refreshment hall for lunches and both breaks

         Refreshments available such as coffee, tea, cocoa, pastries, etc.

         Maps or lists of nearby restaurants for seminar attendees

         Brochures or other materials for publicizing your group to attendees

  • Plan for taking love offering -- collection plates available? -- ushers? -- time of day?


  • More detailed guidelines will be emailed to event sponsors throughout the booking process.

If you have any questions about putting on the event, please give us a call at (800) 545-1729 or
contact us at