This section covers the process of booking Reb or Bev to present keynote addresses or workshops at CONVENTIONS.  Guidelines for booking Reb to present one of his seminars can be found by clicking on the link to the left "HOW TO BOOK REB FOR A SEMINAR"

Abbreviated Version

(Updated 12/5/2016)

It is Reb's conviction that teachers are servants of those who engage their services. As a servant, Reb is hesitant to set firm requirements of event sponsors, yet over the years he has discovered that there are certain things needed in order to facilitate an effective time of ministry with the fewest distractions. Consequently, the following guidelines have been developed to help event sponsors understand those needs. We do not want to place an undue burden upon anyone -- it is our hope that the guidelines are understood simply as our effort to communicate a few logistical needs.


      Reb is available at least 4 weekends a month for speaking. For those booking him for their conventions, he is also available Sunday mornings to speak at churches.


     CONVENTIONS (Regional, state, or national conferences that charge Entrance Fees to participants). At a time when so many are going through financial hard times, Reb and Bev are hesitant to charge a set fee for their speaking. However, they do speak for their living so rely upon financial remuneration. Therefore, as a courtesy to the Bradleys the Governing Board of Family Ministries requests that Reb and Bev receive set honorariums at events that charge Entrance Fees to participants.  For 2-3 day speaking events the Board requests a minimum honorarium of $1000 for keynote plus workshop responsibilities, and $750 for just workshop speaking. It is the same for Beverly if she travels with him.  If this will pose a burden upon event sponsors, please contact Family Ministries to discuss alternatives. (Please note: The Bradleys receive no royalties from their materials, and proceeds from product sales go directly to Family Ministries, not to them.)


      LOCAL EVENTS: We ask that convention sponsors provide airfare to all events located at a distance beyond a 3-hour drive from the Bradleys' home one-hour north of Sacramento. When Reb & Bev drive to local events we request that they be reimbursed for mileage @ 56 cents p/mile. We will send an invoice giving total miles at the conclusion of the weekend. 

      AIR TRAVEL: Reb travels with Beverly or an assistant, so needs airfare for two passengers.  

      EXPENSES: When Reb flies, we ask that Family Ministries receive $95 to cover miscellaneous travel expenses, ie: airport parking, tips, etc.

     SCHEDULING: To ensure flight reservations do not conflict with Reb’s schedule, Family Ministries will make all travel arrangements. We will always seek to book the lowest rate available, taking into account layover durations and luggage limitations. Family Ministries will purchase all airfare and then bill for reimbursement before the event.

      GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Reb appreciates being picked up at the airport rather than being provided a rental car, but will rent a car at the airport if necessary.

      BAGGAGE: Since most airlines now charge extra for luggage, we ask that luggage reimbursement be included with airfare. Average round trip baggage fees for two people = $240. (Southwest Airlines = $0).


  • If hotel accommodations are provided, Reb needs a non-smoking room with 2 queen size beds.


  • Reb uses his laptop at the pulpit and a video projector. He will use his own projector unless the facility provides a projector and is set up with video cable connections at the pulpit. Please notify us regarding the cable setup of your facility. 


  • Reb prefers to speak as much as possible -- no need to be concerned about overworking him. Feel free to schedule as many workshops and keynotes as you like.

  • Convention hosts are free to select any of the keynote or workshop addresses on Reb's session list. However, because many of his sessions build upon certain principles, Reb does request that his sessions "Establishing Parental Control in the Home" and "Influencing Children's Hearts" be among those chosen. (They are by far Reb's most important and popular sessions.)

  • Reb uses fill-in-the-blank outlines to enhance the learning experience, so we request that event sponsors provide attendees with copies of the outlines. We will provide PDF masters of all outlines for workshops and keynote addresses.

  • Each of Reb's sessions is 60 minutes long. Please notify Reb if convention sessions are less than that. He will need time to shorten his notes and alter his PowerPoint presentation.


  • Family Ministries is a non-profit organization which publishes and distributes Reb's materials, as well as coordinates his convention speaking. In order to offer convention participants the most help possible, wherever Reb speaks he requests that space be made available for the display of Family Ministries materials.

  • For conventions featuring exhibit halls, two adjoining booths at or near the hall entrance are necessary, at least one of which is a corner booth. A corner booth will allow the tables to be angled into an "L" formation, which will permit more people access to the booth.  If no corner booth is available three booths will be needed to accommodate the tables. (We hope this places no burden upon the sponsors, but this arrangement is necessary to fit all the materials.)

  • Reb will need at least 24 lineal feet of table space. (3 - 8' tables or 4 - 6' tables)

  • If Reb flies to a convention he will need at least 2 volunteers on duty in his booth at all times.


        AIRFARE FOR TWO: Reb & Bev or one of them and an assistant

         BAGGAGE FEES: Reimbursement for two passengers = $240 (Southwest Airlines = $0).

        TRAVEL FEE: Reimbursement for miscellaneous travel expenses = $95

         SPEAKING FEE PER SPEAKER: $1000 for keynote & workshops; $750 for just workshops

         TWO BOOTHS near Exhibit Hall entrance, at least one of which is a corner booth. 


  • More detailed guidelines will be emailed to event sponsors throughout the booking process.

If you have any questions about the booking process, please give us a call at (800) 545-1729
or contact us at